Han Huang

Graphic Designer and

Visual Storyteller

Hi! My name is Han. I am a journalism graduate student focused on data visualization at the University of Miami.

Before I got an opportunity to pursue my graduate degree in the United States, my experience in journalism was mostly about writing and filming news stories in traditional media in my hometown China. In August 2015, I started my graduate degree at UM followed professor Richard Beckman and Alberto Cairo studying visual storytelling. Unexpectedly, this fantastic program didn’t confine me to traditional concepts of journalism; it introduced me to a brand-new area based on web development and high-tech, that is, data journalism. I suddenly find out a data-driven story is sometimes far more compelling and easy to understand than a story only with words.

I also enjoy traveling to new places and looking for stories from people with different backgrounds. Now, I love to tell stories with documentaries, animations, and interactive graphics.

In my spare time, I love to watch movies, make handicrafts, and hangout with my friends.

My Skills


I can build website with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and D3 library.

Graphic Design

I can create graphic with Adobe Illustrator, Maya 3D and animate them through After Effects.


I can shoot documentary and take photography with DSLR and edit them with Adobe Premiere.

My Portfolio

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